Seamless delivery for low volume freight shipments

When your business shipment is less than a full truckload, Purolator International LTL is the perfect shipping choice for shipping within Canada, especially when transit time or tracking are important. This service offers you significant cost savings for your business with a features not usually found in LTL service.

With Purolator International LTL you get:

  • Considerable savings over a Full Truck Load/Truckload shipments
  • Skid-level tracking for optimal visibility
  • Optional services including liftgate at pickup or delivery
  • Reliable deliveries throughout Canada thanks to our extensive freight network
  • Direct routing with fewer handoffs, reduced damages and lower loss/claim ratios
  • Superior customer service with dedicated Client Relationship Representatives for proactive management of your shipments

Why Purolator International provides top LTL services

Purolator International provides the best LTL services to Canada because our LTL shipments are not subject to the kinds of problems that you may find with other LTL carriers.

The main issue you will often encounter with LTL shipping to Canada is that your packages are handled repeatedly by different carriers throughout transit. This can create two significant issues. First, your packages are much more likely to be damaged, either by other packages being shipped in the same truck or by handlers. Second, the risk of your shipment to getting lost or misrouted is also greater when there are more hand offs. Over 95% of Purolator’s LTL end deliveries are made by our own assets which means we reduce that risk dramatically.

Our popular CanadaOne shipping network, also lets you consolidate both your northbound LTL shipments AND you northbound small packages into a single clearance – helping reduce the paperwork you need to provide at every crossing as well as reduce the expense. This unique model is only possible because we are a flexible light asset based transportation who is experienced in shipping from the US into Canada. We have the resources and experience to work out the most efficient way to transfer your LTL freight to its Canada destination before it ever leaves your warehouse. In addition, we have superior tracking methods including skid-level tracking and real-time reporting, meaning we — and therefore you — know exactly where your shipment is at virtually all times, so you don’t have to worry about it getting lost.

Like our other services, our LTL freight service to Canada comes withPuroTouch. That means you’ll have a dedicated customer service representative on your account who will know the location and status of your entire shipment. The person you speak to for your account will be fully trained in your business needs and will be proactively looking out for any possible disruptions so we can act swiftly to minimize any delays. You never have to be concerned about how your shipment is doing because, in addition to your own direct online access, you can always contact your PuroTouch rep with any questions you might have.

Efficient LTL freight shipments to Canada

While some LTL shipments are scheduled and routine, we know that there are times when you might need a faster transit time or a higher level of transparency. With Purolator, we have a variety of shipping solutions that you can easily take advantage of. Our knowledge of shipping strategy and our advanced shipping network access means that your LTL shipments will be as efficient as possible. We have multiple cross-border options to go with our expansive access to Canadian shipping routes, so we can easily customize a shipping solution to your needs, even when those needs involve shipping less than a truckload of material. We’ll always look for the fastest, most affordable and most logical method for getting your shipments exactly where in Canada they need to go.

Industries that commonly use LTL services

Most companies that ship from the US to Canada have a need for LTL shipments at one time or another. One of the main industry sectors that use this service is the eCommerce industry. With inventory level control being so critical to customer satisfaction, most ecommerce companies need to constantly move inventory around in addition fulfilling individual orders. The right LTL partner  can be a huge benefit, and even help create a competitive advantage.

Other industries for whom LTL services are popular include after market automotive, industrial machinery parts, healthcare, consumer products and technology. If you’re not totally confident that your current provider is providing you with the best transit times and trackability, you would probably benefit from finding our more about our LTL services to Canada. Call us to learn more about LTL shipping and all of our Canada shipping solutions.

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