Purolator International is the Ideal Choice For Your Business To Ship from the U.S. to Canada

We built our U.S. operations around getting goods quickly and efficiently to Canada, and we have been successfully delivering packages of all shapes and sizes from the U.S. to Canada for over 20 years. As the U.S. subsidiary of Purolator, Inc., a leading Canadian integrated freight package and logistics solution provider, we have unique access to two of the largest delivery networks in Canadian shipping services for nearly complete coverage of all residential and commercial addresses.

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How Purolator International Efficiently Ships Packages From the U.S. to Canada

If you’re wondering how to ship your goods from the U.S. to Canada, we have good news — Purolator International can handle virtually any end delivery need you might have. Over our 20 years in business, we’ve learned how to create faster, smarter freight delivery routes that make the most of our 30 U.S. locations. Our flexible end delivery options ensure you can deliver on any transit time requirements so that your Canadian customers’ are satisfied and can rely on you time and time again.

We start by analyzing your company’s shipping profile so we understand the true needs that are driving your business. Once we understand your complete requirements, we can determine the best routing for your shipments as they move across the border from the U.S. into Canada – and back again if that will help your business. Our access to Canada’s top freight forwarding networks helps deliver you the advantage of a flexible supply chain with a variety of streamlined end delivery options.


With strong roots in Canada we can also ensure your packages are fully compliant with Canadian shipping laws and pre-approved for clearance to minimize or even eliminate delays. We’ll send them on their way, consolidating your product to reduce the time and cost of clearing customs rules and hurdles.

Based on your business’ unique needs and operations, we can create a customized combination of our efficient forms of shipping for the most efficient border crossing:

  • Air: With an air network that covers shipping from the US to Canada, we can incorporate air into your supply chain easily and efficiently. In addition to a vast Canadian air network, Purolator International has many dedicated flights from the U.S. to Canada every night for deliveries you can count on every morning.
  • Sea: While Canada is remarkably similar to the US in many ways, there are some geographic differences that make the Canadian landscape more challenging for end delivery. When the situations warrant, we are able to incorporate a reliable network of ferries to delivery to remote Canadian regions where consumers are just as demanding as they are in urban cities like Toronto and Vancouver.
  • Ground: Because we understand that ground transportation is the backbone of most supply chains, we give you access to one of the largest ground delivery networks in Canada. That means you’ll get a broader, more reliable reach to more than 16 million unique home and business addresses. Send a truckload of supplies to an inner city hub or a remote customer in one of the nation’s secluded areas — wherever you need us, we’ll be there – with unique time definite end delivery options.

Whether you’re sending a routine package delivery to your Canadian branch or rushing a time-sensitive truckload of cargo, you’ll find shipping speeds suited to your requirements. We can export your products from the U.S. to Canada with delivery options including:

Freight Forwarding From the U.S. to Canada

International freight forwarding is one of our areas of expertise at Purolator International, particularly U.S. to Canada freight forwarding. We’re experts at arranging the entire process of transporting your goods, including storage and shipping. We also serve as a reliable intermediary between your company and the transportation services provider. You can count on our team to handle every aspect of the process, including negotiating favorable prices and choosing the fastest, most cost-effective shipping routes. Trust us to remove the burden from your shoulders.

Some reasons to choose us as your U.S. to Canada freight forwarder include:

  • Efficiency: Because we offer a full range of freight forwarding services, we can maximize the efficiency of the process. We take care of customs clearance, export documentation, packing and inventory management. The result is an efficient solution that can save time and eliminate hassles on your end.
  • Reliability: The dependability of our services is a big reason we’ve been around for two decades. Our clients know we’ll always deliver — literally. Our impressive 97% on-time performance rating is your assurance that we’ll get your goods to the transportation service provider precisely when they need to be there.
  • Quality: Efficiency and reliability are of little value if your shipment doesn’t arrive in one piece. When you choose Purolator International for your U.S. to Canada freight shipping needs, you can expect the highest level of quality. Our loss ratio is less than 1%, meaning that the chance of damage to goods while in our possession is extremely low.

Benefits of Exporting from the U.S. to Canada with Purolator International

There are many benefits that come with using Purolator International for exporting to Canada, however, there are two key factors that set us apart from other shipping companies.

Because we are a non-asset-based expedited freight forwarder, we’re able to provide the flexibility to choose the right option to get your shipment to Canada as quickly as possible, where it will enter our delivery network and rapidly find itself at the intended destination.

Combine this with PuroTouch, an unmatched level of customer service that includes a dedicated Client Relationship Representative focused on the success of your business’ shipments, and you’ll see why we’re the obvious choice when it comes to shipping to Canada.