The highest level of customer service in the business.

For over 20 years, Purolator International has made a name as the leading provider of cross-border logistics, with unparalleled service both to Canada and in the contiguous United States. No matter where you are shipping from, or to, we deliver broad coverage, fast transit times, and competitive pricing— all wrapped in PuroTouch.

What is PuroTouch?

PuroTouch is our commitment to providing the highest level of customer service through our dedicated Client Relationship Representatives (CRRs). A single point of contact for each account, our CRRs know you and understand the intricacies of your business. This means no automated systems and no re-explaining your needs every time you make a call. It means you can speak with a real person who is actively monitoring the logistics process and can provide you end-to-end visibility. Most importantly, it means you can have the ultimate peace of mind knowing there is someone on your team who is taking a hands-on approach to managing your shipments — from the very first call through to final delivery.

Our CRRs consistently go above and beyond. They:

  • work with brokers and carriers to ensure paperwork is received and has the correct data to minimize border delays
  • identify trends in customers’ shipping profile, such as volume changes, to make sure there are no surprises
  • work with carriers to ensure space is available for additional shipments as needed—a service of special importance during peak season
  • train customers on how to use the client portal so they get the most value out of the tracking and invoicing system
  • and form relationships with customers that go beyond the transactional nature of a call center

That is why 90% of our customers would recommend Purolator International.

Our record speaks for itself. When you ship with Purolator International, you can be confident you will receive, not only quick, accurate, on-time delivery with shipping and logistics support, but also superior service along the way.