Supply chain solutions that deliver efficiency and savings

Your supply chain should be as nimble and flexible as your business needs to be. That’s why we offer a range of supply chain solutions that offer personalized service, maximum efficiency and exceptional value. Our scope of services ranges from comprehensive supply chain management programs to value-added services, including shipment preparation and data integration.

For example: If border-crossing fees are hurting your bottom line, our logistics experts will consolidate your small shipments into one large shipment, which will then be cleared for entry into Canada as a single transaction. The result is reduced costs and a faster Canadian customs regulations and border clearance process.

If customs paperwork isn’t accurate and letter perfect, your shipment will be held up. We can help. Our shipment preparation services and cross border expertise will ensure that your shipments arrive at the border — often pre-cleared for entry into Canada — with necessary documentation already complete.

Regardless of the level of service your business needs, we can tailor a supply chain solution that integrates our expertise in the Canadian market, extensive distribution networks, technological capabilities and returns management options.

Advantages of Purolator International supply chain solutions:

  • Canada customs brokerage expertise for hassle-free crossings between the U.S. and Canada
  • Extensive Canada/U.S. distribution network ensures seamless deliveries throughout Canada
  • Value-added services ensure high visibility and tracking capabilities
  • Consolidation services for reduced border clearance costs
  • Shipment preparation services ensure that all regulatory and border clearance mandates are satisfied

Available supply chain solutions include:

  • Returns Management – When customers need to process returns, you want to be certain the process is fast and effortless. Our extensive network allows us to quickly make returns from even the most remote areas of Canada. Read About our Hassle Free Returns Management.
  • Customs Brokerage – Don’t let customs concerns slow down your important U.S.-Canadian shipments. Our Canadian customs brokers’ in-depth knowledge of customs means your shipments are processed as quickly across the border as they are domestically. Read About our Canadian Customs Brokerage.
  • Automated Shipping Solutions – Our automated shipping solutions drive our operations at every level, from advanced online shipment tracking and account information to warehouse and inventory integration. Learn About our Technology Integration Services.

Additional Value-added supply chain management Services:

  • Warehousing and Inventory Management – Whether consumer goods or marketing materials, efficiently store and retrieve products with Purolator International’s warehousing which features web-based, easy-to-use inventory reporting.
  • Shipment labeling and manifesting – With our network of Canada/U.S. shipping branch locations, we ensure your shipments are properly packed and labeled for maximum safety and efficiency during the delivery cycle. Our expertise with the Canada/U.S. border process ensures that all necessary paperwork and Canadian customs requirements will be completed prior to your shipments’ arrival at the border.
  • Cross docking – Streamline your supply chain from point of origin to destination by utilizing Purolator International for cross docking services.
  • Intermodal Freight Forwarding – Reduce damage and loss with various transport modes: air, rail, ship and truck
  • Supply Chain Consulting – Purolator International’s team of experts can work with you and your business to develop and optimize your current supply chain to improve efficiencies and enhance your international shipping to Canada.
  • White Glove – For shipments that require an especially gentle touch, we offer a white glove delivery service.
  • Temperature Control – When maintaining a temperature controlled environment is a must, Purolator International can provide a solution.
  • Vendor Management – With many suppliers involved when you’re running a complicated supply chain, you’re at risk for late, failed, or premature deliveries—and the resulting costs. Purolator International’s vendor management service proactively prevents and solves problems to streamline your deliveries.
  • Chain of Signature (COS) – Purolator’s Chain of Signature (COS) service may be used to effect the transportation of certain controlled drugs and firearms within Canada. As COS Shipments travel through Purolator’s distribution and sorting system, authorized Purolator employees sign the COS Bill of Lading at each point through the system.

Benefits of Choosing Purolator International for Your Supply Chain Management Solutions

You’ll find a wide array of benefits when you choose Purolator International for your international supply chain services. These begin with our broad reach and expertise.

“We deliver Canada” is more than just a slogan at our company. It’s backed by more than 20 years of experience. We’ve delivered reliable, efficient and cost-effective shipping solutions to, from and within Canada for decades, and we put all that knowledge to work to help give you a better supply chain.

In our years of business, we’ve learned the ins and outs of Canadian regulations as well as the obstacles many companies face when creating a cross-border shipping plan. We understand factors such as Canada’s vast size and complex vendor relationships can hurt your bottom line and your company’s ability to thrive in Canadian markets. We’ll take these challenges and transform them into opportunities.

Our international supply chain solutions will help you discover the areas you can streamline your business. You’ll remain compliant while learning how to ship your items to Canada faster and more affordably. These shipping supply chain services are backed by our unmatched customer service called PuroTouch. With our friendly team and your dedicated service representative, you’ll never be left in the dark about your supply chain management. We’re available to answer questions 24/7 for the utmost success in your business’ shipping endeavors.