Whether you are shipping sunglasses, winter boots or couture gowns, choosing the right transportation provider is as much a part of the customer experience you provide as any other part of your business.

When it comes to the Fashion and Apparel Industry, you need to take an omnichannel approach. That means you need to provide a seamless experience whether shipping freight to distribution centers (DCs), from DCs to stores, store-to-store, or direct to consumers. The key to making this approach work in terms of a transportation solution is integration and visibility.

Purolator International is the perfect choice for U.S. businesses looking to develop an omnichannel supply chain. We have a wide range of services that will cover your Canadian shipping needs, fast, affordably and reliably. From small packages to freight, from consumers to retail outlets, we provide a consistent level of tracking and service for your Canadian shipments. 

Why Purolator International is the gold standard when it comes to shipping to Canada

At Purolator International we take care of every customer and every package from pickup to last mile delivery. All of our services offer tracking capability and a dedicated PuroTouch client relations representative, so you’ll always know where your package is along the journey. 

But excellent customer service doesn’t help if your packages don’t get there on time, and with Purolator International, they do. Being a non-asset-based expedited forwarder gives us more flexibility in getting your packages out of the U.S. and into Canada—we can choose the fastest, most efficient route for your needs.

Ship fast and affordably

Purolator International gives you the flexibility to build the best shipping solution based on your shipping needs. Our A-list options include:

  • PuroPost: With seamless and efficient cross-border services for U.S. businesses shipping B-to-C into Canada, PuroPost reaches nearly 100% of residential addresses and deliveries do arrive within 2- to 8-days, guaranteed. When shipments need to arrive even sooner, PuroPost Plus, with deliveries that can arrive within 2- to 5-days, is your best choice. 
  • Purolator ExpressThe cornerstone of most Canadian supply chains, our Purolator Express service will get your package to its destination using optimal routing, virtually anywhere in Canada — even high-value, hazardous or oversized goods. Our Purolator Express service, for shipments under 150 lbs., has many options including time definite delivery (9 a.m., 10:30, noon, end of day), Saturday delivery, optional signature required as well as solutions for returns. We offer end-to-end tracking for complete visibility and our vast network minimizes hand-offs which prevents damages and claims. 
  • Expedited ForwardingThe best service choice for U.S.-based companies that need day definite delivery throughout the U.S. and Canada is Expedited Forwarding. Whether your freight shipment needs to be there in 1, 2, or 3 days., you can be confident that Purolator International will reliably deliver. And when your delivery needs are even more specific, or go beyond the U.S. and Canada, our Elite Service will meet those needs. This premier service gives you a single point of contact from quote through delivery to billing for customized delivery and enhanced customer service for any size shipment.

Whatever your shipping needs, we can tailor a solution.