Canada is home to over 36 million people and 80% of them shop online. That’s 28.8 million online shoppers and Purolator International has the expertise to help you reach every single one.

Any eCommerce business knows that business lives or dies by shipping. Consumer expectations have changed, making speed and reliability more important than ever. And all kinds of businesses are using eCommerce at an increasing rate. For U.S.-based businesses, a reliable eCommerce shipping solution is a must.

Whether you’re an e-retailer shipping to Canada looking for small package shipping solutions, a major corporation seeking an omni channel shipping solution for Canada or just about any business in between that relies on internet commerce, Purolator International is your answer.

Purolator International is a leader in cross-border shipping from the U.S. to Canada. Our decades of international business shipping experience and continuing commitment to providing the highest level of service to our customers makes us a trusted name in U.S. to Canada shipping—exactly what you need to keep your eCommerce business flourishing.

Purolator International gives you the edge when shipping from the U.S. to Canada

We know that in eCommerce, shipping is a critical part of the customer experience. And we are committed to providing you the same excellent customer experience you provide to your customers. We call it PuroTouch, and it means you have a dedicated Client Relationship Representative proactively managing your account—a single point of contact who knows all about your business and shipping needs. No frustration, no guessing. And your courier shipments have the benefit of last mile delivery from one of the most trusted brands in Canada – Purolator.

Your customers typically want their packages fast and shipped free. We can help with the fast. Unlike many U.S. shipping companies, we are a non-asset-based provider, which means we’re not locked into any specific routes or methods for getting your goods to Canada. We’ll always choose the transit options that are best for you and your customers in terms of speed, reliability and cost.

Our eCommerce shipping solutions

If you have been looking for the best eCommerce shipping solutions for your business to Canada, look no further. Purolator International offers a full range of eCommerce international shipping solutions that address the issues that are important to you when you’re an e-retailer shipping to Canada. Our solutions have the highest level of reliability, the greatest reach thanks to our network and the most flexibility possible. Our shipping solutions for eCommerce include:

  • Fast turnaround: We can get your packages to their destinations as quickly as you need them. With options like PuroPost, Purolator Express and Expedited Forwarding, your packages can arrive in as little as two days at competitive prices.
  • Dependable tracking: We have the technology to keep a close eye on your package throughout the supply and delivery chain. Just input your tracking number at any time to see how far along your packages are.
  • Range of options: We offer a wide range of flexible shipping options that meet your needs and can be consolidated together for the greatest efficiency and reduced cost and paperwork. From parcel to small package to freight, Purolator can get your shipments delivered  no matter where in the vast Canadian landscape the destination is.
  • Better customer service: One thing you probably won’t find with other eCommerce shipping to Canada solutions is our level of personal customer service. When you ship with Purolator International, you get the benefit of PuroTouch, a single, dedicated customer service representative who knows your business and is an easily accessible point-of-contact throughout the shipping process, from scheduling to pickup to transit to end delivery.
  • Customized solutions: We will take a close look at your operations and build a custom logistics plan for you. Our Canada One Solution means that we can always find the best shipping routes through Canada for cost-effectiveness and speed. No need to conform to a rigid pre existing schedule. We schedule pickups based on your needs and delivery windows based on your customers’ requirements. We work to give you  the best routing that takes advantage of our leading ground and air distribution network to direct your package to its destination.
  • Experienced service: There’s a reason we are the go-to source for Canada delivery. We have more than 20 years of experience with cross-border shipments and a 97% performance rating. Now that’s reliability. We know exactly what is required to optimize your shipping logistics process within or into Canada, and we have the resources to put that plan into action for you right now. Additionally, our loss and damage claims rate is less than 1%.
  • Competitive pricing: You no longer have to choose among speed, quality and price when it comes to your eCommerce shipping provider. Because we have such a vast shipping network, we can always seek out the most cost-effective options for your shipping, and we pass that savings on to you.

If your business deals in eCommerce, how you handle your shipping responsibilities can be the most important decision that you make as a company. For shipping to Canada, the answer is simple. Purolator International excels when it comes to cost, speed and reliability thanks to our range of effective shipping solutions for eCommerce.

Save money and improve delivery times with great shipping options

You can’t offer great shipping to your customers if you don’t have access to great shipping options. Fortunately, with Purolator International, you do.

Some of our more popular services include PuroPost, a guaranteed option for packages lighter than 66 lbs., featuring delivery times of 2-5 days or 2-8 days with all-in pricing and a wide range of return solutions. We also offer Purolator Express, which gets your specialized shipments of under 150 lbs. to their final destination anywhere in Canada.

Purolator International not only provides these two superior end delivery options for eCommerce companies looking to provide the best experience for your customers, we also have other shipping solutions that can improve your supply chain. When it comes to shipping freight to distribution centers or retail centers, we offer Expedited Forwarding with options for overnight, 2-day or 3-5 day delivery. And when your delivery needs are even more specific, or go beyond the U.S. and Canada, our Elite Service will meet those needs. This premier service gives you a single point of contact from quote through delivery to billing for customized delivery and enhanced customer service for any size shipment. And our LTL option is available when you have more time but want skid level tracking.

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