Our Canadian customs experts ensure a smooth delivery

The United States and Canada enjoy the world’s largest and most open trade relationship, giving U.S. businesses access to a marketplace of 32 million consumers. But, transporting shipments across the border can have challenges if your logistics provider is not knowledgeable and experienced. Clearing shipments into the Canadian market means regulatory and logistical hurdles. Our experience and expertise in this market is far more superior to any other shipping company and will help you reach a large base of consumers, distributors and retailers. The Purolator International team of trade experts will smooth border crossings, while our extensive distribution network throughout Canada ensures on time, hassle-free delivery. With Purolator International, your shipments will arrive at the border, fully compliant with all customs requirements, and pre-approved for clearance into Canada.

Advantages of our cross border services:

  • Our Canadian brokerage expertise ensures compliance with all border clearance requirements
  • Trusted Shipper status in key U.S. and Canadian trade programs
  • Extensive distribution network for delivery to even the most remote regions
  • Shipping consolidation capabilities for faster, more cost efficient movement across the border
  • Unique insight into the Canadian market, and a “local perspective” which is critical to ensuring quality customer service

Regulatory compliance

Border crossing for U.S./Canada shipping is an ever-changing world of Canadian customs regulations and requirements. It is no easy task to keep up with it all. We are. We have a team of Canadian shipping professionals whose sole job is to know the ins and outs of the many regulatory and statutory mandates that can affect cross border trade. It’s their knowledge and experience that grants us direct access to both Canadian and U.S. government agencies so we can monitor and deal with the latest shipping from Canada changes– and then assess the impact of new mandates and regulations regarding our customers’ shipments.

  • Expertise in border clearance processes ensures shipments are fully compliant and eligible for clearance
  • Shipments will be delivered to your end consumers without unexpected invoices
  • Experienced freight customer service ensures that your shipment takes advantage of all applicable efficiencies (cost and time savers) that can be hidden deep inside government regulations

Customs clearance

Purolator International enjoys preferred shipper status as the result of our compliance with stringent U.S. and Canadian customs requirements and our proven reputation as a leading logistics provider. This means when your shipments arrive at the border, they benefit from our status and move quickly and seamlessly into our Canadian/U.S. shipping distribution network for final delivery.

The benefits of preferred status:

  • Participation in government programs means preferred access and minimal wait times at the border
  • Shipments arrive at the border pre-cleared for entry, with all fees and duties paid
  • Extensive and unmatched distribution network end destinations throughout Canada allows shipments to reach their final destination on time.
  • Shipments benefit from the most professional and hassle-free U.S. to Canada shipping clearance process offered by any logistics provider


You probably have better ways to spend your time than filling out forms and managing the extensive record keeping that result from cross border transactions. That’s what we’re here for. We maintain software and database capabilities that are compliant with both border agency regulations. We can electronically notify the appropriate border agency about your shipment before it even reaches the border. This allows your shipment to be pre-screened and subject to minimal delay. And that’s good for business.

  • Software and database capabilities that are compliant with the U.S. Customs Border Patrol and the Canadian Border Security Administration.
  • Advance notification of shipment contents allows for pre-clearance upon arrival at the border
  • Accurate and timely reporting and recordkeeping capabilities for all transactions and paperwork filed on your behalf

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