Reliable tracking and shipping made simple

Information is the backbone of business. In a world of global information in the blink of an eye, we have to be. Our customers rely on us for information on their shipments, from single packages shipping to Canada to thousands of shipments racing around the world. Welcome to our Client Portal, our web-based shipping, tracking, reporting and billing application. The Client Portal is the latest technology that allows customers to process and track shipments, create electronic bills of lading, reconcile billing and perform a variety of administrative tasks. And our IT pros make sure what you need is what you get. From full-up integration services to ensuring software works across the many different platform requirements of our customers’ businesses. Automated Shipping Services Technology plays an integral role in all of our Canada freight supply chain processes, and ensures visibility, tracking and heightened efficiencies. Among our automated shipping services:

  • Client Portal– a web-based application with access to account information including billing, reports, scheduling and tracking
  • Real time tracking for all shipping solutions to Canada
  • Automatically e-mail your customer’s shipment tracking numbers to manage returns simply and cost-effectively
  • Import both customer and product databases, as well as address lists

Data integration

Our IT professionals will work with your technology experts to ensure your data is seamlessly integrated, guaranteeing instant access to time-sensitive information. We can integrate with third-party systems including:

  • Warehouse Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Shipping Systems

Discover the benefits of truly integrated shipping

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