Shipping for the Life Sciences Industry demands specialized handling and on-time deliveries.

When you provide essential goods for hospitals, research and development institutions, or other businesses in the life sciences industries, you know how critical on-time performance is. For this reason, it’s vital that you choose a life sciences shipping company that has proven expertise in delivering time-sensitive shipments to even the most remote regions of Canada.

Why Purolator International is a must for your life sciences shipping company

Purolator International has been successfully serving U.S.-based businesses in this industry for years. We know how to manage the cross-border transfer of hyper-fragile shipments that may require temperature control, hazardous goods clearance and/or security precautions and we have a wide delivery network with proven expertise in on-time deliveries. A late shipment in the Life Sciences industry can be disastrous. That’s why many companies seeking a life sciences logistics partner call on Purolator International—because we can deliver the coverage, speed, and special care that is essential. We’ll find the best route to get your shipment where it needs to be. As a non-asset based expedited forwarder, we have the freedom to use a wide range of methods to get your goods to Canada, options other shipping companies may not have.

And we are committed to providing you with an unmatched customer experience with PuroTouch, a dedicated Client Relationship Representative proactively managing your account—a single point of contact who knows all about your business and shipping requirements.

For the excellent care, reliability, and speed that you need, choose Purolator International.

Customize your life sciences shipping solution

  • Purolator ExpressThe foundation of most Canadian supply chains, our Purolator Express service will get your package to its destination — virtually anywhere in Canada — using optimal routing. Our expertise encompasses even high- value, hazardous or oversized goods. Purolator Express service has many options including time definite delivery (9 a.m., 10:30, noon, end of day), Saturday delivery, signature required as well as solutions for returns. We offer end-to-end tracking for complete visibility and our vast network minimizes hand-offs which prevents damages and claims. 
  • Expedited ForwardingThe best service choice for U.S.-based companies that need day definite delivery throughout the U.S. and Canada is Expedited Forwarding. Whether your freight shipment needs to be there in 1, 2, or 3 days., you can be confident that Purolator International will reliably deliver. And when your delivery needs are even more specific, or go beyond the U.S. and Canada, our Elite Service will meet those needs. This premier service gives you a single point of contact from quote through delivery to billing for customized delivery and enhanced customer service for any size shipment.