Until further notice, refunds and credits under Purolator’s Service Guarantees applicable to PuroPost and PuroPost Plus shipments will no longer be made for shipments originating in the U.S. and Canada due to events beyond Purolator’s control.

We will continue to deliver exceptional service to our customers in this challenging environment. Thank you for your support.

Canadian parcel delivery service

For U.S businesses looking to reach consumers in Canada, Purolator International provides the best options and the broadest reach so your customers get the best delivery experience.

PuroPost service

PuroPost is the ideal choice for parcels under 66 lbs. that are going to Canadian residences and need to get there fast. PuroPost is a guaranteed delivery service with full tracking capabilities and all-in pricing (including brokerage). This highly-effective and very affordable shipping solution will have your packages arriving in its Canadian destination in as few as two days and no more than eight days after induction into the Canadian postal network.

For faster service, we also offer PuroPost Plus. This service has all the benefits of regular PuroPost but a shortened transit time of 2-5 days guaranteed. PuroPost Plus will have your parcel at its Canadian destination in no more than five days and may arrive as soon as two days after you schedule your shipment.*

Unmatched returns management

We offer a variety of returns management programs for your parcel shipments. We understand how complex returns can be and that every situation is different. So our Canadian facilities are equipped to handle any requirements you have. Our extensive pick-up and distribution network throughout Canada enables access to the most remote regions of that country. Returns are processed quickly, and your customers appreciate the quick turnaround.

Service options

PuroPost lets you deliver the best delivery experience to your customers. Service options include:

  • Door-to-Door Delivery Service: With regularly scheduled pickups throughout the U.S. and end delivery through Canada Post, we deliver to 16 million Canadian addresses. End delivery options are available to post office boxes, community mailboxes, parcel lockers, 6,200 retail facilities and remote locations for no extra charge.
  • No Sticker Shock at Delivery: With our Delivered Duty Paid service, Canadian duties and taxes are paid at the time of purchase, so your customers have no unwanted surprises. 

Enhanced customer service

We always have real people on the other end of the line. Your dedicated Client Relationship Representative is available to provide proactive shipment management and customized personal service.

* All delivery windows are determined at the point of induction at a Canadian induction facility.